Spring and Summer Dress Code

I guess I am an epitome of the ironic. I adhere to my habits but a pop quiz I just took reveals I am extremely (adjective mine) creative (my blog, I get to say what I want hahaha)! I want to feel comfortable with the clothes I wear but it has to look good. But it must be affordable. This is my dress code (policy.)

Reselling these:

Take a look at my great finds for a spring and summer collection. Of course, it adheres to my “dress code policy”. Lol!

Belted-floral-skater-13-in-store-11.12.13-Grade-N-98298 Belted-scuba-stripe-dirndl-12-13-in-store-5.1.14-30.1.14-Grade-H-GNBA-38926 BEVERLY-HILLS-jumper-12-in-store-10.1.14-Grade-G-84114 Burnout-boxy-shirt-10-in-store-9.2.14-Grade-J-80149 Burnout-crop-blouse-10-in-store-9.2.14-Grade-F-80610 Floral-PJ-shirt-12-15-in-store-4.8.14-Grade-D-NA-80348 oliver summer dress Patent-strap-sandal-4-in-store-25.12.13-Grade-N-70366 Pink-jelly-sandal-4-in-store-23.12.13-Grade-B-74561 Primark-Colour-block-wrap-skirt-8 Primark-Lemon-Feather-Crop-10 Primark-Mint-Culottes-10

Mix and match these lovely pieces. My local store gave me a good deal so I am reselling these items. Contact me for details and prizes. I can help you find a good deal for pieces you’re interested at.